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Coding Course


Welcome to CODORITHM

The Coding Course of Vivek Edu Centre helps you to Become a Coding Champ! It helps to:

☑ Develops problem-solving skills
☑Opens up newer career options in future
☑Expands creativity, curiosity & concentration


☑ Web Designing (Course Duration: 2 months) @Rs 2500/-
☑ Web Development (Course Duration: 3 months) @Rs 3500/-
☑ Internet of Things – IOT (Course Duration: 2 months) @Rs 4500/-
☑ Arduino Programming (Course Duration: 2 months) @Rs 3500/-
☑ Python From Basic (Course Duration: 2 months) @Rs 1500/-
☑ Python Advances (Course Duration: 3 months) @Rs 2500/-
☑ JAVA / C / C++ (Course Duration: 2 months) @Rs 1000/-
☑ Cyber Security (Course Duration: 3 months) @Rs 4500/-

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